taste + see

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5:00 AM
As I sit here and write, my lack of taste is evident. I have been dreaming about a pazooki since my husband brought home vanilla ice cream midweek but my lack of taste makes it all irrelevant. What is a gooey, half baked chocolate chip cookie, topped with melting ice cream, when you cannot taste it? Colds are the current state of our home. We started the week prior with the stomach flu and moved on to colds this past week but God has been so merciful throughout it all. We have been resting and resting and waiting for our health to return, which is just what God has been teaching each new day.

Taste is a vast part of life. It is an experience that weaves itself in to memories. A warm cherry pie may take you back to childhood and the kitchen of your grandmother or a summer picnic. Taste may drive you to fill your full tummy with yet another sweet delight or an extra scoop of mashed potatoes. Foods are longed for because of their saltiness or sweetness. But when taste buds are out of sorts, the same desired food means nothing despite its appealing lure.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

Have you tasted God's goodness? Truly savored the forgiving grace of God? The insurmountable blessings all around you? The joy. The peace. The love. The patience. The kindness. The faithfulness. The gentleness. The self control. Have you undeniably experienced God?

When you experience the goodness of God, you are not the same. Tasting God is more than an alter call or hand raise or prayer. It is a change of heart and true forgiveness to those who have wronged you. It is an act of faith and quieting of yourself. It is learning to trust. It is waiting and resting and restoration. It involves sacrifice. It touches every part of your body, healing as it moves.

For some, God reveals himself in dramatic ways and meets you with blinding bright lights and for others it is a one on one encounter. From there, you are left with an experience you cannot deny but may not know what to do with. And you go about your day as usual.

To begin to acknowledge the goodness of God is similar to healing from a cold. It does not happen overnight. It takes time. It requires waiting. Resting is essential and listening to the advice of those who have ears that hear.

Praying that your senses would be opened to experiencing God and that the goodness would overflow to others, as well. Praying that you would quiet your heart and schedule to truly bask in the presence of God because busy and overcommitted ears are hardly open to hear.

Praying that if you have made a commitment to follow Christ that it would be more than a decision but an ongoing relationship, ever growing.

Here's to tasting and seeing.