life with boundaries

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A story was once told to me about a father who had turned to Jesus. He loved reading his bible. He spent every spare minute reading and studying and learning more - all the while his family fell by the wayside. I am sure they must have gotten a little bitter and envious of his coveted bible. I cannot remember if this is a true story or where I heard it but is such a great illustration. Even things that are meant to be good in our lives can ruin us, without set boundaries.

Boundaries are vital in our lives. God gave boundaries to the Israelites through Moses via the Ten Commandants (Exodus 20), which were for their best interest. God was telling them what would harm them, so they could avoid it. 

Because of Jesus we are no longer living under law but with regards to loving the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and strength and mind and loving our neighbor as ourselves (Luke 10:27). In following this commandment, we are still not going to murder or steal or make idols because that would be crossing over the boundary of loving our neighbor as ourselves.

God gave us boundaries that we may honor him and fully live.

Boundaries allow us to take inventory on what is important, instead of wandering every which way. In parenting, boundaries are a huge thing to establish because it lets the child know he is loved, still allowed to do X,Y or Z but that there will be consequences if the boundaries are crossed.

As an adult, setting our own boundaries allows us to prosper, as well. It is seeing our weaknesses and instilling guidelines in order to fully enjoy our days. It is committing to an eight hour work day, in spite of your workaholic tendencies of twelve. It is scheduling time with your family weekly to fully engage in their lives instead of filling your schedule with invites and practices. It is setting time limits on social media - how many times a day do you need to check Instagram or Facebook or email? Twenty times or two? It is committing to a bible study or life group at church, regardless of your desire to stay at home playing video games in your jammies.

Boundaries allow sweet spots to form and build and come to life. They help in savoring the time you commit to volunteering or outings with your children or working on special projects.

Praying that you would take an inventory on your life. Praying that you would seek God for guidance on boundaries that you need to instill in your life, whether it be more of less of bible study or family time or ministry or down time or time alone or work or hobbies. Praying this year would be a year overflowing with goodness in each aspect of your life and that they would be done well, not just good. 

Here's to boundaries and doing things well.