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Growing up, I was extremely shy and a major introvert. When I moved to a new town in third grade, a classmate asked if I knew how to speak because I hardly said a word. I stammered a small yes.

Being the center of attention or any attention was never my cup of tea, nor is it today. Being on the side lines or behind the scenes is always more enjoyable. So when God calls me out of my comfort zone, it is a little like taking the rug out from under my feet, which is what blogging is doing for me. Parts of my story and lessons learned are scattered across posts in hopes that you see glimpses of his grace + love + mercy as he has showed me. 

In the words of Angela Thomas, I am a broken down Jesus girl.

Every day has its own battles but that is for tomorrow to worry about. I know that God will be here to catch me. I don't have the answers, Jesus does. Only by his mercy do I share the ones he has given to me. I am not here to judge or tell you how to live.

I have mastered the skill of making a mess anywhere – kitchen, office, desk – complete with scattered sewing needles and thread. I enjoy designing pretty much anything I can get my hands on. There is nothing like the feeling of making something out of nothing.

I love yellow, lemons and just about anything with polka dots. Soy chais pair perfectly with bible studies and are best enjoyed early in the morning before the littles wake. 

I am happily married to a freshly licensed pastor, working his way through the ordination process. We are currently raising two littles and in the process of fostering to adopt a sweet baby we have been loving since his birth. I love cooking and baking. Music inspires me. My family means more to me than they probably realize. I find playing with words a fun hobby, too. Giving my life to Jesus was the best decision of my life and I have been on a crazy adventure of stepping out of comfort zones and trusting him since. 

Nice to meet you,