i would never.

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Throughout the years, I kept a mental list of nevers. I would never work retail again. I would never be a pastor's wife. I would never ever drive a minivan. I would never. I would never. And then God showed me otherwise. He challenged my nevers through his guidance and obedience and opened my eyes to his blessings. 

It was easy to sit back and say I would never drive a minivan until we started a family and realized the lack of options within our budget for a vehicle with three rows. A minivan became the best purchase option. And I laughed at myself as I drove home with it, thanking God for his provision yet again.

Nevers have a way of building preconceived notions on issues. Never going to forgive him for what he did. Never going to move on from that hurt. Never going to be good enough for her. Never going to find a job that fits. Never going to find Mr. Right. Never going to be physically healed. Never going to be out of debt. Never going to have a good marriage. Never. Never. Never. It is these little slivers that block the truth from pouring in to our lives.

These thoughts are toxic to our well being, especially when they become louder than what God says in his Word.

He said, "Go and tell this people: "'Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.' Isaiah 6:9

God warns Isaiah that the Israelites are not going to listen to his message but to tell it anyway. The people will hear it but not understand what is being said because their hearts were hard. They were filled with nevers - one of them being God would never punish them. And their false prophets assured them they were just dandy.

Sitting in church, it is easy to constantly hear the message and see what God is doing but never actually turn to him and allow him to break down your walls and take away your nevers and heal you, as he promises (Isaiah 6:10).

If you follow Jesus, are you hearing the word AND understanding what it says? Are you hearing the ringing of your nevers or the sound of Jesus singing over you with the voice of truth? 

Praying that you allow God to move in your life and thoughts and that he would transform your nevers in to pure trust and humility because it is hard to go back on your nevers. Praying that as you hear the Word of the Lord through sermons or podcasts or bible study that you would understand what you are being taught and that it would change your perspective on life.

Praying that your mind would be renewed in the possibilities of God because all things are possible through him (Philippians 4:13). 

Here's to nevers and transformation.