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The topic of hearing God and following the Holy Spirit has been surfacing around me. It has made me question how many people have yet to experience the voice of God, especially those who are in the church now, as well as those yet to set their hope in Jesus. I have been praying about what do to with this knowledge to bring about the awareness and beautiful intimacy that hearing God has on us and God lead me to some wonderful ladies I met through the Allume Conference, who are brave and bold and willing to share their story of how they have come to hear the voice of God through this series. It is not a list of "how tos" or of verses on hearing God or things of the sort. Just an honest, open discussion of the telling of their story. Of their journey to the place where God's voice is the one they listen to. You can find the entire series here. 


Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes! 1 Samuel 12:16

It is hard for me to stand still, sit still, or just be still. I am one of those people that tend to have two speeds: energizer bunny or asleep. It’s as if I have a battery and I just keep going until my battery dies. Not only do I physically have trouble being still, but my mind has the same problem.

When I ask someone what they are thinking and they say “nothing” I have a hard time believing that…because my mind is never off. I am constantly thinking…whether I mean to or not. You should hear some of the story lines that run through my mind. I am sure there is a blockbuster hit somewhere in there.

But, seriously, I think and think and think. Sometimes it is worry, but most often it is just wondering. Especially when I am waiting on the Lord.

What will things look like in the future?

Am I prepared?

Will I be content?

Am I following God’s call?

And then I read 1 Samuel 12:16, and I am reminded to be still. That the Lord is doing a great thing. That this great thing will happen before my eyes. I am reminded that I need to quiet my mind and my heart and just listen to the Lord. I have to block out everything else going on outside of me and inside of me, and focus on the one who made me and has the perfect plan for my life. Even when I want to move ahead of Him, I know that this would be outside of His will. And the best and safest place to be is at the center of His will…so why should I stray? Why should I move ahead of Him? Why shouldn’t I stand still and see the great thing the Lord is doing right before my eyes?

It’s so tough, but I strive to make this time of listening a priority. Instead of turning immediately to my phone first thing in the morning, my goal is to turn to God’s word. Instead of flipping on the t.v. before bed, my goal is to turn to God in prayer. Throughout the day when I am wondering and worrying, instead of texting a friend, my goal is to seek the Savior. It’s taking these small moments throughout my day when I wake up, before a meal, as I lay down for bed, and many times in-between, to turn to the great counselor for guidance. These are the times to stand still.

Listen, the words of 1 Samuel 12:16 was not written to me or about me, but I believe it applies to me. And I believe it applies to all of us at varying times in our lives. As I am waiting on the Lord to move in different areas of my life, I want to just be still and trust Him, knowing that He has a great thing waiting for me, and it will happen before my very eyes. I need only stand still.
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