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One of my favorite parts of the day is the watercolor session with my four year old, when the boys are mostly napping, after we have had our bible study and with a warm soy chai in hand.

Months back I came across old watercolors from a fashion drawing class in college I could not have disliked more - drawing is not something I excel in, even remotely, though my teacher was highly gifted and sweet. Showing me strokes that flowed off her fingers like it was nothing only to have mine end up with tangles and knots that have way too odd curves. Give me stick figures any day.

But on that day months ago, they seemed intruding, especially after watching Penny dapple in her set days prior.

And so it began. A time of mixing and playing and practicing and brush strokes and water and colors of the rainbow strewn about. Neither of us an expert in the area but enjoying figuring it out and experimenting none the less.

In our Christian walk, we tell ourselves we have to know so much in order to teach anything. We have to be able to say the Road to Romans and have bible verses memorized and be a theologian to share the gospel. We put ourselves down and do not teach others because we are never qualified enough. We lose out on wisdom gained from others and vice versa because we are too afraid to share.

I find great amusement in the way God has wired us and the lessons he teaches us at different times. No matter how long we have walked as a Christian, everyone is at a different level in various areas of their faith. In fully surrendering and trusting God.

Some may have been a follower for decades but have never learned the truth that God will provide because of self sufficiency in material possessions, until a great loss occurs later. Others struggle to trust God with their family, knowing whatever happens to them is in God's control. Or perhaps trusting with their children, that God has in store for their future. And still others with jobs or school or past traumas. And the list goes on.

But we are always in a place to learn and grow and prosper in the Truth. Sharing is the key. And teaching what you know thus far is imperative.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

It is trusting God that we can share our stories and share the failures and the triumphs and the redemption and teach others what we have learned through experience. It is trusting God that though you struggle in an area in your faith, knowing that he will be faithful and continue to work complete his good work in you.

Praying that though it may seem like it is something you can hardly teach due to lack of skill set, that you would pray for guidance and wisdom and that you would dabble in it together anyway, learning together as you go. Because that is how faith grows and community forms and how God answers. 

Praying that when it seems like you have nothing to give and nothing to teach or the energy to think about such things or the time to prep for them that God would wrap you in his truth and bind them around your heart and you could not help but speak of what you have seen and heard. 

Here's to more trust and teaching. 
2 comments on "on waters colors, teaching + trust"
  1. Beautiful! I love the watercolor lesson and how we learn so much more when we do it with someone else. It is a lesson that your four year old will always remember because you not only took the time to spend painting but you did not give up even when you felt your skills were lacking. I am so thankful you shared this at The Weekend Brew.


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