learning to grow

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5:00 AM

The past few years I have learned a lot about gardening through trial and error and some brief advice in conversation. It has been fun experimenting and learning as I go but there has been some casualties because of it - the lettuce and banana peppers and cilantro. They did not live through the experimenting / learning process. This year, as gardening season rolls around and we work on starting seeds in the window sill again, I am hoping to have a veteran gardener show me the ropes and point out where to plant and when with special care instructions, so that the garden with not just survive this year but thrive. There is nothing like someone coming along side you to teach and help.

Let the wise listen and add to their learning,
And let the discerning get guidance.
Proverbs 1:5

Without being taught something, it is harder to learn. It is not impossible. Trial and error is always an option but usually not the best.

Experience is a key factor in learning. If you never spill, you will not learn how to clean it up. If you never admit you are wrong, you will not learn how to apologize. If you are never wronged, you will not learn forgiveness.  That being said, having someone to show you around the situation and what it looks like from a godly perspective is a life changing experience.

Humbling yourself enough to ask for help allows you to thrive and avoid casualties. It may feel like you are an inconvenience or be just plain uncomfortable but it is the first step toward growth. When the rain comes, you will have someone to guide and shield you directly from it, which will allow you to grow in the right direction - financially or career wise or in your marriage or parenting - whatever it may be for you in whatever season you are currently in.

Praying that you would listen to God's guidance and teaching more so than any person and that this would be the year that you ask for help. That you would prayerfully find someone to teach you how to write a budget or be a godly spouse or parent or how to follow the Lord or fully use your spiritual gifts. Praying that you would also seek out someone you can teach and guide because everyone is in different seasons and learning never ceases. 

Praying that you would have discernment to listen to advice and accept discipline. Praying that you would have guidance and encouragement through your spills in life. Praying that you would see the opportunities of sharing your experiences with others that they may learn and grow from them. 

Here's to asking and learning. Here's to more wisdom and less casualties.