truth and the words that compose it.

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There is something about the way the words dash across the screen and the cursor dances with each pause and the pencil scrapes the page that makes writing so intriguing. Half the fun is not knowing exactly what will come out. And when the letters form words they become subject to the readers themselves. The writer paints a picture but it is the reader who openly interprets it and imagination and emotions spring to life. What was the color and shape of the pencil scraping the page? Perhaps similar to my favorite grey mechanical who lost his eraser years ago but keeps on trucking along. And the paper. Yes. The paper. Is it typical three whole punched binder paper? Or is it bound in a fancy notebook brimming with colors and quotes and doodles in its margins? Those are the juices that are allowed to run wild as the reader is taken through the words so carefully selected and pieced together.

More or less. Vague or scattered with details. Oh the choices and possibilities on the page are endless. Stories unfold and pictures are painted, without acrylics or canvas. Just pure imagination and life experience. Yes. We must not forget life experience. It weaves in emotions and memories that correlate to the words we read on the page and allows us to sympathize. To smile. To cry. To love. All because of some black type. Oh, the beauty of the written word.

The bible says that God's word is truth (Psalm 119:160). That it is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). It is amazing how reading words can change your life. How each time you read a passage something sweet and new is revealed. Like unwrapping a piece of fine chocolate and anticipating its taste. Sometimes it does not taste like you had imagined and the aroma seems a little off but you keep unwrapping and take another bite because it is chocolate after all. And God's word is like that. It is not always sweet and pretty but it has substance and depth that nothing else can compare to. How God uses the word to breathe life and hope and love is remarkable. My own words cannot do it justice but I am okay with that.

After all, does the clay say to the potter, 'what are you making?' (Romans 9:21)

I pray that if you have never taken the time to read the bible, to open up its pages and let the word speak life in to your life, that you would do so. Reading books about the bible or bible commentaries or blogs or other articles are all great resources but you are missing the meat of it all. What God has to say to you through words that span centuries and millenniums is nothing like you can get through other means. And just in case you need a little help in your own study, this method might come in handy.

Here's to more truth and less noise. More of God's word and less of everyone else's. 
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  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2014

    If there was an "Amen" button to push, I would push it at the end of this post!


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