When the clean get messy

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Somewhere over the years I've grown to dislike getting messy. Sweat from the heat.  The "outside smell" that comes from being in the sun. Those types of things. Not to say I do not do those things, although I did avoid them for a time. Now, God keeps reminding me of the importance of it all and I find myself enjoying it all. 

When I was little my older sisters would ask us younger ones not to splash by them in our backyard swimming pool for fear their hair would get wet and messed up. Lest they would have to do it all over again. My mom was the same. I was baffled at the fact they were forgoing underwater swimming on account of their hair. Swimming underwater is the reason you get in the pool. However, for them their hair style was of utmost importance. Of course, us younger siblings had to have some fun and accidentally kick our feet in close proximity to them.

It is amazing how something so small, like that of your hair, can change the situation. You become more focused on not doing something and staying away from another that you lose out on the enjoyment that is right in front of you. And the proof that supports it, like that awesome tan from a day at the beach or wet hair from going under the water.

God designed you to have joy. Joy that comes from him alone. Joy that is made complete in him. When you are standing on the sidelines pointing out what you don't want to happen or like about the situation, such as the sweat from the sun or the dirty hair, you are choosing, yes choosing, to give up your joy. Giving up your peace and trading it in for anger or annoyance at the little sister who just splashed you or the daughter who emptied her bucket of dirt all over the patio after you asked her 156 times to keep it in the dirt.

These small moments affect us daily and when we allow ourselves to get too caught up in what we don't want to happen, we lose out on a great opportunity or a teachable moment. Who needs perfect hair, right? 
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