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Scripture says to " rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn" (Romans 12:15). The rejoicing part tends to come more naturally, for me anyway. Celebrating anniversaries. Promotions. New babies. Getting a good grade. How can you not join in the excitement and cheer. But what about the mourning? When the going gets tough. When you do not have something to celebrate and you are just trying to make it through another hour. Another day. When something tragic happens to a friend. Are you mourning with them? I must admit that this is not something I do very well. I am horrible at consoling and words never seem to come out the way I want them to.
 Last fall one of my good friends since high school lost her boy friend in a car accident. She text a group of us to inform of us of what had happened. I had no idea what to say. I have not experienced a loss so deep and for that I am thankful but I also know that having gone through similar situations is a valuable tool God gives to offer comfort. 
 As I processed her words, I immediately prayed and that is how I responded. I am praying for you. The words seemed empty and hallow at such a time as this. Yes, I know the power of prayer and believe God will work this for His good as only He can but that does not change the reality. Or change the feelings. Or answer the questions. It sounds cliche.
 As I prayed, God reminded me of the power of music. I love music. I grew up singing songs like Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups and 1982 by Randy Travis. My parents had quite the array. My friends would joke that I knew every song that came on the radio. Since becoming a follower of Christ, it continues to amaze me how God uses music to speak truth and love and hope. And that is when He gave me the idea of a playlist for her. Did I mention her birthday was just a few weeks after the accident? This is the same friend who battled cancer in high school. She is an incredible lady, let me say. Going through my CDs and various mp3s I kept thinking about myself in this situation. How would I handle this? What if that was me? That is how these songs were chosen. With lots of love and prayers and God's leading. I came across the saying music is what feelings sound like and it solidified the compilation.
Recently, a friend told me about her battle with cancer. She has two sons, four and almost two, and was excited to find out she was expecting a third. What she thought would be a season of happiness turned to be one of mourning when she found out it was a molar pregnancy and it turned to cancer. I cannot imagine. No words. That is when God again reminded me of this playlist from the fall. I gave her a copy, too. As she fights and people pray for her during this season of mourning, I pray that God comforts her more than she has known before. I pray that if you are going through a time of mourning that this music would comfort you, too. In the darkest moments I pray that God would speak life and love in to your inner most being. If you know a friend who needs encouragement and God, feel free to pass it along to them, too. 

Here is the playlist, besides one song that was not available on Spotify. This is my first time using it, and so far it is fabulous.

And just in case you would rather see a list of the songs: 

1. hold us together - matt maher

2. live like that - sidewalk prophets
3. by your side - tenth avenue north
4. move - mercyme
5. strong enough - matthew west
6. build your kingdom here - rend collective
7. beautiful things - gungor
8. what faith can do - kutless
9. you have won me - bethel music
10. movements - rend collective (not available on spotify)
11. before the morning - josh wilson
12. love has come - mark schultz
13. healing begins - tenth avenue north
14. brokenness aside all sons & daughters
15. this is what you do - bethel music
16. one thing remains - bethel music
17. cast my cares - tim timmmons
18. 10,000 reasons - rend collective

This is a little cover I whipped up to go with the CD, just in case you find yourself needing one. Note, I printed this on 8.5 x 14 paper or else it is too small to fit in the CD case. It can be printed in black or grey.

Here's to more rejoicing than mourning and more of God's presence and love when the mourning comes. 
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