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It is hard to believe it is already August. Awana came to a close mid May. I gave birth to our first in June and have been working on mastering the art of motherhood since. It has been an amazing experience and I am so thankful for her every day. God has been too good to me.
I have found it all too easy to get caught up in the day to day – bath time, feeding, cleaning, sleeping – to do my daily devotionals, which has been convicting. Then I was contacted by Christy of Skinned Knees to do a giveaway for His Love Endures Forever on her blog. Of course, I visited her site, which was very inspiring, and proceeded to find her involvement with MomsToolBox and their Bible in 90 Days challenge. I have been wanting to read the bible all the way through – I have read all of the New Testiment and most of the Old but not completely, 100% of it. Unfortunately, they have already started and are over 20 days in to it but there is no reason I cannot give it a whirl on my own. So this is my Bible in 90 Days challenge. I always love a good challenge and seeing as God is involved, well this should be my best one yet. Tomorrow marks day one.
God, please change me and reveal to me your wisdom in my life.