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The topic of hearing God and following the Holy Spirit has been surfacing around me. I have spoken with friends who have been in church their whole life and are just now learning to tune in to God's voice because they were never taught how or knew that it was possible. When I heard this, my heart broke for their loss but rejoiced in the newly tuned ears and hearts and the transformation God has in store for them. It has made me question how many people have yet to experience the voice of God, especially those who are in the church now, as well as those yet to set their hope in Jesus.

I have been praying about what do to with this knowledge to bring about the awareness and beautiful intimacy that hearing God has on us and God lead me to some wonderful ladies I met through the Allume Conference, who are brave and bold and willing to share their story of how they have come to hear the voice of God through this series. It is not a list of "how tos" or of verses on hearing God or things of the sort. Just an honest, open discussion of the telling of their story. Of their journey to the place where God's voice is the one they listen to.

If you have ever wondered how God speaks, if he still speaks to us, the answer is YES.

Have you questioned:

What does God sound like?

How do you commune with the God of the universe?

How do you discern his voice and know that it is not just a thought of your own will?

How did you get to the place where you now hear God's voice leading you and guiding you on your journey?

How has that changed you and your relationship with God?

Is there anything you had to overcome?

What disciplines (i.e. prayer / fasting / solitude) do you do in order to stay in tune with God?

How do they fit in to your life style?

Was there a time God told to do something you thought was crazy but was just what was needed for you or someone else?

Each contributor will touch on various questions listed here and sharing whatever God has lead her to share. We are excited to dive in and see how God moves.

The heart of this series is for the ears of believers to be opened to the truth and intimacy that hearing God brings and the transformation that the Holy Spirit does in our lives as we quiet ourselves and listen.

In the Old Testament, God spoke to Abraham and Moses and through the prophets. In the New Testament, Jesus came and spoke himself and then left his Spirit for us and is still speaking.

So for the next few weeks, we will be diving in to the stories of these brave ladies in their journey to hearing God. Praying you will be blessed by them and that God will move in your life and continue to open your hearts and ears to his voice. 

Here's to going deeper and God adventures and listening. 
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