drinking the cup poured for you.

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There is nothing more soothing than a warm cup filled with a scrumptious drink on a brisk morning. Sitting and relaxing as you hold it close. Enjoying the heat of it, as it warms your cold fingers but careful not to drink it down quite yet as it is still too hot and a burning tongue emanates thoughts.

And so the admiring the color of the cup begins. Noting of the beauty of the steam floating off the top and embracing its handle that fits so perfectly in your hand. You watch. Taking it all in. Never once using it to quench your thirst or warm your soul - what it was meant for. Never savoring its sweetness on your taste buds. Never drinking it down.

Then you happen to notice the beauty of a cup held by another. It sparkles more than yours and is just the right temperature to indulge. It must be better than yours. And so you go about holding your cup but never drinking it, all the while admiring the other. Ever seeing but never tasting. 

Several times in the bible Jesus refers to the cup that has been poured for him by God. He asks his disciples if they can drink his cup (Matthew 20:22). He asks God to take the cup from him (Luke 22:42). The cup is symbolic for the persecution he is about to endure. The suffering for our sins and death on a cross. The reason he was born. His sacrifice. 

Each of us has a cup. Each of us have trials that we must go through to be refined and cleansed and made complete in Christ. It is easy to look at the trial or struggle of another and think it is so minimal that you would endure that one instead or wrongly believe they are trial free.

Wisdom and guidance is found in asking God what he wants to teach you through this trial. Whether this was birthed out of your own sin or something entirely out of your control, there is a lesson to be learned and wisdom to be gained. And shared. Being able to share that part of your story with someone is a powerful testimony. Sharing with a Christian encourages and may give hope, while sharing with a non-believer shows glimpses of God's glory and his power in your life.

There is power in the cup that has been poured for you. There is hope in each sip and a deeper relationship with Jesus as the cup empties.

Praying that you would drink what is in front of you and feel the warmth of God's presence in each sip. Praying that you hold on to the truth of God's promises and that the beauty of it would catch your eye as you take it in. Praying that your heart would not wander to another's cup but be filled to the fullest with your own.

Here's to sipping and drinking and tasting the goodness of the Lord. Here's to your cup. Cheers. 
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