music monday: strong enough to save by tenth avenue north

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We sat playing inside the house listening to thunder and the patter of rain drops falling on the roof, until we heard the loud taps come. We raced to grab our shoes and rain coats and quickly opened the door. I did not want Penny to miss it. She had never before experienced hail, that I could recall. We walked out the back door and starred just as the last of the hail fell and the rain subsided. We turned our eyes to the ground to pick up some pieces and marvel at God's handiwork. 

Hearing thunder and seeing lightening and watching hail fall from the sky always reminds me of how big God is. The unknown timing of the thunder takes me by surprise and the sheer volume startles from time to time. A lot like God's nature. He's intense and surprises and is something to marvel and stand in awe about.

Jesus and his disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee when they were caught up in a big storm. The waves were sweeping over the boat, which was nearly swamped, all the while Jesus was sleeping. His disciples on the other hand were in panic mode and woke him up saying they are going to drown. Jesus asked why they were afraid and if they still had no faith and immediately got up and rebuked the wind and waves. At once, everything became calm. The disciples then asked:

"What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!" (Matthew 8:27)

This moment is explained in three of the gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke - all of which are very similar. It is interesting that in Mark's gospel, he adds that Jesus was sleeping on a cushion (Mark 4:38). Jesus must have been pretty comfortable sleeping in the boat, despite the circumstances around him. God had provided a place to lay his head and get rest, which he was taking advantage of, whereas the disciples were in caught up in fear and worry, unable to rest or remain calm. But despite their panic, they knew where to run for help during the storm - to Jesus.

The ability to be calm in the store requires faith and trust in God. Truly knowing that nothing will happen outside of God's control.

Strong Enough to Save by Tenth Avenue North is a perfect fit here. Have a listen.

And he'll break
Open the skies to save
Those who cry out his name
The One the wind and waves obey
Is strong enough to save you

Praying that you would run to Jesus with whatever storms you have in life. Praying that you would be so comfortable and firm in your faith that you are able to go through them without the panic. Praying that his guidance would startle your life in a thundering-good-wakeup-call kind of way, and you would marvel at his works throughout it. Praying that you would stand firm in the faith and know that God is for you. 

Praying that your fear and worry would be transformed in to pure, unfailing faith. Praying you would cry out his name knowing full well he will save you. 

Here's to calm during the storms.